What is so cool about Digital Marketing Masterclass Paid Marketing

Learn strategies instead of tricks, in this masterclass

After helping multiple businesses in past 1 decade, our teachers know what is needed for a business when it comes to running ads, this is One area where money is invested and money invested should multiply in terms of revenue.

We created this Digital Marketing Masterclass Mini (Paid marketing) Keeping that in mind, we have covered everything from zero to the level where you will be able to scale your ads many fold.

Even if you don't know anything about how ads work, we will walk you through the fundamentals to the level where you will be making strategies for your business as the course ends.

7 Ways We Prepare You To Achieve Your Goal in Digital Marketing

Project Based Learning

You will learn things doing real time project of your own, which is going to maximize the practical approach of learning.

Course Delivered by Industry Expert

All of our instructors have already spent at least half a decade in the industry and many of them are the leading digital marketers in different areas like SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Community Building etc..

Community Based Learning

Each class of ours is also a small Community in its own, where we learn from each other as well & thus enhance our skill in a far better way.

24X7 Doubt Clearning

We solve every query you have during the course ASAP, isn't this is cool

2 Month of Doubt Clearing After Course Is Finished

Even after you pass out from our class, we don't leave you. We never leave our fellow mates and believe in growing together, that is why we will solve any query you have for 2 months after the class finished

Career or business Guidance.

Whether you are starting a new career or are a to be entrepreneur and want any guidance regarding that, we are here to provide you all.

Special E-books

Apart from the class material we will be providing you E-books around paid marketing as well, isn't this is awesome?

Who this course is for?

  1. Entrepreneurs/Businessman
  2. Agency Owners
  3. Those who want to enhance their skill


  1. Must have a website/app for practice
  2. Should have passed the 12th Standard
  3. Basic English communication.
  4. Basic understanding of how the internet works.

We have trained more than 1500+ students

We have conducted 100+ masterclass

25+ hour of class content

More than 10000+ hours of combine teaching experience


Module 1: Fundamental Of Paid Marketing

Module 2: Push and Pull Marketing

Module 3: What Are Funnels and How To Make One For Your Business

Module 4: Lead Page Optimization, Lead Magnet and Chaining

Module 5: Close Loop Marketing For Lead Based Business

Module 6: Ads Copywriting

Module 7: Google Search Ads

Module 8: Google Display Ads

Module 9: Youtube Ads

Module 10: Google App Installation campaigns

Module 11: Google Call Ads

Module 12: Facebook Ads

Module 13: Instagram Ads

Module 14: LinkedIn Ads

Module 15: Media Buying & Native Ads

Module 16: Remarketing Ads

Module 17: Scaling Ads

Module 18: Marketing Psychology Around Paid Marketing

What Our Student say about us
  • Shubham Singh

    UppSkill training helped me to change my job profile to Digital Marketing Manager at EduTap, not only they guide me to change my job profile but helped me to improve my skill day by day even after the completion of my course.

  • Abhinav Prateek

    Joined the classes at 43,000 YouTube subscribers(done in 1 Years) Currently 932000 subscribers on YouTube in just 2 months. Many more to go. Arbab sir and Sourav sir have a great knowledge of digital marketing.

  • Rajat Chakraborty

    I found UppSkill's content and educators very helpful. During my course, I started consulting 1mg for their YouTube, which has now grown 10X. They were so happy with my results that they offered me a full time job itself.

Our Trainers

  • Arbab Usmani

    • Experience: 8 Years
    • Expertise: Google Adword, Analytics, Organic, etc
    • Niche: Real Estate & Ecommerce.

    Arbab Usmani is the Co-Founder & CEO of UppSkill, a new generation learning solutions startup. UppSkill thrives to bridge the skill gap among aspiring entrepreneurs, students and agencies through training by experts in different domains. Arbab’s core passion and expertise lies in multiple domains of Digital Marketing and has devoted his time and energy in this sector since the early days of e-commerce in India. With more than 8 years of proven Digital Marketing experience in varied industries like e-commerce, advertisement, Content, Real estate etc.

  • Praveen Pandey

    • Experience: 6 Years
    • Expertise: Inorganic, Facebook, Dropshipping, ecommerce, etc
    • Niche: Fintech & AdTech

    Praveen is lead trainer at UppSkill, where he mostly teaches paid marketing and different strategies involve in it. With over 6+ years of proven experience in paid marketing, his core expertise lies in Google Ads, social media Ads, Native Ads and scaling the ads . He have experience of running ads in vast range of industries such as E-commerce, real estate, travel, hotels, co working spaces, education, local businesses etc. , he is very well known in industry for his paid marketing skills. Pravin is staying in Delhi and helping UppSkill in it's vision to make a skillful India together.