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What is so cool about Digital Marketing Masterclass 3.0?

Where the Real World is Your Classroom

The Digital Marketing Masterclass 3.0 is a hands-on approach with case studies that enable an understanding of how to gain advantage and seize opportunities in this new, connected and fast-evolving world. The objective of this comprehensive digital training is to start with the fundamentals and move towards advanced digital marketing methodologies.

What we believe is that digital marketing is way beyond the tricks and tools. It is more about understanding human psychology and market as it is in real life. Execution is important but the strategy can make your execution part 10 times more powerful and it is no harm in executing it with a good strategy. We focus more on 4 things viz. human psychology, strategy, execution and analysis.

This is the very reason we have designed this course in such a way that you will be able to do everything by yourself when the course ends.

7 Ways We Prepare You To Achieve Your Goal in Digital Marketing

Project Based Learning

You will learn things doing real time project of your own, which is going to maximize the practical approach of learning.

Course Delivered by Industry Expert

All of our instructors have already spent at least half a decade in the industry and many of them are the leading digital marketers in different areas like SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Community Building etc..

Community Based Learning

Each class of ours is also a small Community in its own, where we learn from each other as well & thus enhance our skill in a far better way.

24X7 Doubt Clearning

Our turned out time is under 5 minutes for any doubt clearance for the students! Isn't that cool?

Lifetime Community Support.

Even after you pass out from our class, we don't leave you. We never leave our fellow mates and believe in growing together. We will put you in an alumni community where there are many influencers coming out from UppSkill itself. If you have any doubt in your life regarding digital marketing, you can ask there and then.

Career or business Guidance.

Whether you are starting a new career or are a to be entrepreneur and want any guidance regarding that, we are here to provide you all.

100% Internship Opportunity.

If you have attended all our classes and have successfully applied all the things we taught, we are here to provide you 100% internship opportunity in various startups around India. Sounds cool, isn't it?

Who this course is for?

  1. Fresher/ Students
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Job seeker
  4. Those who want to change their job profiles
  5. Those who want to enhance their knowledge


  1. Should have passed the 12th Standard
  2. Basic English communication.
  3. Basic understanding of how the internet works.

We have trained more than 1000+ students

We have conducted 100+ masterclass

80+ hour of class content

More than 8000+ hours of teaching experience


Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Module 2: Understanding Marketing Funnels

Module 3: Understanding Website and Digital Assets

Module 4: Basic Website Development

Module 5: SEO in Today's World

Module 6: E- Commerce SEO

Module 7: Mobile Optimization

Module 8: Lead Generation Using lead magnet & Chaining

Module 9: Google Ads

Module 10: Facebook Ads

Module 11: Instagram Ads

Module 12: Quora Ads

Module 13: Linkedin Ads

Module 14: Twitter Ads

Module 15: Media Buying & Native Ads

Module 16: Email Marketing

Module 17: Affiliate Marketing & Performance Marketing

Module 18: Youtube Video Optimization & Marketing

Module 19: Analytics (Google, Yandex)

Module 20: Google Data Studio

Module 21: Setting up an Agencies Freelancing Business

Module 22: Online Reputation Management

Module 23: Content Strategy & Marketing

Module 24: Copywriting

Module 25: Storytelling (Psychology of Marketing)

Module 26: Branding & Personal Branding

Module 27: Community Building

Module 28: Marketing Automation

Module 29: Social Media Marketing Strategy

Module 30: Social Media Optimization

Module 31: Facebook Marketing

Module 32: Linkedin Marketing

Module 33: Instagram Marketing

Module 34: Influencer Marketing (Instagram)

Module 35: Deep dive into Neuromarketing

Module 36: Soft skills

Module 37: Graphics Design

Module 38: Sales & Pitching

What Our Student say about us
  • Anshumaan Vishnu

    From the basics to advancements of digital marketing I learned here. The best thing is now we are actually ranking on page one for some competing keywords. I loved attending the content marketing classes because it helped me alot in implementing the SEO lessons. it's been almost 7-8 months and I miss our weekly classes every weekend already.. I always wanted to learn the core part of SEO and am thankful for teaching. It helped a lot in my startups; and today I can proudly say that I became a part of UppSkill.

  • Abhinav Prateek

    Joined the classes at 43,000 YouTube subscribers(done in 1 Years) Currently 200500 subscribers on YouTube in just 2 months. Many more to go. Arbab sir and Sourav sir have a great knowledge of digital marketing. I recommend every budding young mind to join the classes and extract the best for you.

  • Aditya Raja

    Had interacted with the team at UPSKILL. They are honest, precise and to the point. No beating around the bush, straight to the business! If you are an entrepreneur or college or an SME looking to learn DM or get DM done, would not give a second thought before recommending UPSKILL!!

Our Trainers

  • Arbab Usmani

    • Experience: 8 Years
    • Expertise: Google Adword, Analytics, Organic, etc
    • Niche: Real Estate & Ecommerce.

    Arbab Usmani is the co-founder of UppSkill, a new generation learning solutions startup. UppSkill thrives to bridge the skill gap among aspiring entrepreneurs, students, freshers and agencies through training by experts in different domains. Arbab’s core passion and expertise lies in multiple domains of Digital Marketing and has devoted his time and energy in this sector since the early days of e-commerce in India. With more than 8 years of proven Digital Marketing experience in varied industries like e-commerce, advertisement, Content, Real estate and Rental Space. Arbab has delivered various lectures and has conducted sessions on different aspects of Digital Marketing. He is also the enabler and creator of active digital marketing community - Uppskill - Digital Marketing in Facebook having 12000+ members that leverage the power of community for knowledge sharing.

  • Abhishek Kumar Gupta

    • Experience: 6 Years
    • Expertise: Inorganic, Facebook, Dropshipping, ecommerce, etc
    • Niche: Fintech & AdTech

    Abhishek Kumar Gupta is also the co-founder of UppSkill, a new generation learning solutions startup. He has six years experience in multiple domains, ranging from Banking, Fine-tech, Media and Education. He believes that knowledge economy, sharing economy and meaningful collaboration among community members can accelerate the growth of a nation. He is also the co-founder of Hackerspace co-working, Next Big Brand & community Head of Startup Delhi a community of 57,000 Startup Enthusiast from Pan India.

  • Shiraz Imam

    • Experience: 8 Years
    • Expertise: Technology and Marketing
    • Niche: Ecommerce, Education, Medical Ecommerce.

    He is co-founder & CEO at Managix Technology and EMEDIX (a venture of Managix Technology). He leads the marketing, strategy and product development at Managix. He is responsible for day-to-day operations, as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy. Has over 7 years of experience in IT and provide consulting & IT solutions to clients and customers according to their requirements and business process. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from DIT, Dehradun.

  • Praveen Pandey

    • Experience: 6 Years
    • Expertise: Inorganic, Facebook, Dropshipping, ecommerce, etc
    • Niche: Fintech & AdTech

    Praveen is the founder of Travelsena and a trainer at UppSkill, where he mostly teaches paid marketing and SEO. With over 5+ years of proven experience in both areas, his core expertise lies in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Native Ads and SEO. Currently, Pravin is staying in Delhi and helping UppSkill in it's vision to make a skillful India.

  • Sourav Das

    • Experience: 6 Years
    • Expertise: Lead Trainer UppSkill

    Sourav is the Lead Trainer at UppSkill, a startup working to change the way skills are learnt and taught. With over 5+ years of proven experience in wide array of Digital Marketing, his core expertise lies in Content Marketing, Copywriting, SEO and Email Marketing. A Masters in cyber security by education, he keeps experimenting with new ways to create and tell stories in the ever-evolving digital world. Currently Sourav works remotely from his beautiful hometown in Assam.