About Arbab Usmani

Arbab Usmani is the co-founder of UppSkill. Arbab’s core passion and expertise lies in multiple domains of Digital Marketing and has devoted his time and energy in this sector since the early days of ecommerce in India. With more than 8 years of proven Digital Marketing experience in varied industries like e-commerce, advertisement, Content, Real estate and Rental Space, Arbab believes that humanity is on the verge of another skill revolution. He has made it a mission to play active role in facilitation of this shift that would impact the future of our planet.

A professional with high commitment and passion for sharing his knowledge and insights. Arbab is skilled in training individuals and professionals to excel. His teaching, training, consulting interests include SEO, SEM, Analytics, Social Media, Content Strategy, Neuromarketing, Growth Hacking, viral marketing etc.

Arbab has done B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering and has multiple certifications from Google, Bing and Hubspot to his credit.