About Us

Welcome to UppSkill

We believe everyone is a Super Hero in the making. In this conviction lies our dedication to making the situations suitable for every dreamer to reach their professional goals. At UppSkill we are trying to create an ecosystem where acquiring the right skills would be fast, fun & inspiring.

Who Are We

We are a team of passionate Digital Marketers, Growth Hackers, Community Builders, Digital Storytellers and Industry specialists in our domains inspired by the growing digital ecosystem and its power to change our great nation. UppSkill offers a bunch of courses specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. As individuals and companies struggle to compete in an increasingly skill based economy, UppSkill provides innovative training to narrow the skills gap.

Why us?

  • Our curriculum is crafted and delivered by people who have done that job with proven results to ensure relevant, current coursework immediately applicable to the field.
  • We leverage our experience in our field of expertise to provide our students with an engaging learning experience.
  • We help our community of students thrive by helping them find jobs, internships and exciting opportunities with innovative employers.

What makes us different?

Actionable Knowledge

We don’t provide “X INR” worth of tools. We teach you how things work, how to be an experimenter & the tools of the trade. Skills come first. Tools, after all, are all tools.

Lifetime Community Support

Every learner at UppSkill gets access to lifetime community support. Also get access to mentors, startups and a growing network of professionals in your domain and across domains.

Unique Teaching Approach

The approach that fits best for the course & learners. E.g: Our Digital Marketing teaching approach combines data, psychology & creativity to inspire authentic digital marketing spirit.